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Thu 22 Jul

Full Flower Moon Band – Death Or Hell

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Brainchild of Kate “Babyshakes” Dillon Full Flower Moon Band recently released their debut EP “Death Or Hell” and it is chock full of riffy goodness.
Wed 29 Jan

Eddy Current Suppression Ring – All In Good Time

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Eddy Current are back!
Mon 16 Dec

Boy & Bear – Suck On Light

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Australia's Boy & Bear released their fourth studio album Suck On Light in October this year, after a four year break since their previous release.
Wed 04 Dec

City And Colour – A Pill For Loneliness

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Over the course of five studio albums, Green has compiled a canon ripe with songs amassing a legion of fans worldwide. With this 6th full-length album, Green siphons serenity from stress…
Tue 26 Nov

Tia Gostelow – Thick Skin

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It sounds like someone may have crossed Tia Gostelow in the past, and we certainly wouldn't wanna be them as she releases her debut album with 11 beautifully articulated, moody bops. …
Fri 08 Nov


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Rex Orange County has released his third album, and at 33 minutes total running time Pony is, to put it in the artist Alexander O’Connor’s native tongue, all brill - no fill.
Fri 01 Nov


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Forty years into his career, Nick Cave emerges with one of his most powerful albums yet, an endlessly giving and complex meditation on mortality and our collective grief.
Wed 09 Oct


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Brisbane pop-rock legends Bugs have unveiled their second album Self Help; a twelve-track collection of endearingly honest and deeply relatable songwriting.
Mon 26 Aug

Better In Black By Thelma Plum

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Thelma Plum's debut album Better In Blak featuring 'Better In Blak', 'Clumsy Love' and 'Not Angry Anymore' is out now!
Fri 07 Jun

I Am Easy To Find By The National

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‘I Am Easy To Find’ is The National’s eighth studio album and the follow-up to 2017’s Grammy-award winning release ‘Sleep Well Beast.’
Wed 06 Mar

Crushing By Julia Jacklin

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March 6 – March 12 The second full-length album from Australian singer/songwriter Julia Jacklin, Crushing embodies every possible meaning of its title word. It’s an album formed from sheer…