At The Fortitude Music Hall we are dedicated to providing an inclusive and accessible experience for all guests. We are here to assist you in making your evening at the Fortitude Music Hall truly fantastic.

Early Entry

To ensure a smooth entrance, the Fortitude Music Hall offers early access for patrons with wheelchairs, caregivers, and those who require seating. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to the doors opening to take advantage of this early entry option.

Companion Cards

If you have a companion card, simply present it at the box office when your tickets are being scanned upon arrival. To arrange a companion card ticket before the event date, please contact us at


While many of our shows at the Fortitude Music Hall are general admission standing, we understand that some individuals may have difficulty standing for extended periods. In such cases, we can arrange a chair for you. We have accessible seating at the back of the auditorium on a slightly raised platform. To secure a seat for the event, please email us at

Hearing Assistance

For individuals with impaired hearing, we have installed a radio frequency assistive listening system called ListenRF. This system transmits the same live audio content as our PA system directly to the listener without amplifying any ambient noise. To reserve a receiver and headphones for a show or event, please email us at

Wheelchair Access

At the Fortitude Music Hall, we offer wheelchair access from street level. There are no steps at the entrance, allowing patrons with wheelchairs full access to the ground floor, including the main auditorium and wheelchair amenities.

For full venue shows, a wheelchair area is reserved on the mezzanine. This area is sectioned off and monitored by a security guard. For intimate downstairs shows, there will be a sectioned off area toward the front of the stage. To obtain more information about the setup on the evening of a particular showcase and to arrange priority wheelchair entry, please email us at

Wheelchair Parking

Please note that the Fortitude Music Hall does not have its own on-site parking. For wheelchair parking, we recommend reserving a spot at McWhiters car park, which is only a block away from the venue. This car park has a lift to all levels and no steps on entry or exit. Alternatively, you may choose to park on the street in the surrounding area using Brisbane City Council’s metered parking areas.

Low Lighting and Strobe Lighting

During live shows, the auditorium has low lighting as a requirement. If you have low vision and need assistance or have concerns about strobe or flashing lighting during a show, please contact our venue team at

Support Animals and Guide Dogs

We welcome support and assistance animals at the Fortitude Music Hall. Please contact us at before the show so that we can arrange priority entry and a reserved space if needed. However, please be aware that our venue is generally busy and loud. If possible, you may want to consider an alternative aid when attending a show.


There are two sets of male/female bathrooms located at the Fortitude Music Hall. One set is on the ground floor in the foyer, and the other is located in The Outpost Bar on the mezzanine level. All bathrooms are on even ground with no steps required for entry. Additionally, there are two accessible, gender-neutral toilets available in the foyer and on the mezzanine. Please use the bathroom that is most suitable for you when visiting the Fortitude Music Hall.

Quiet Spaces

If you experience sensory issues and need a quiet space, please reach out to a friendly member of our team, and we will assist you in finding a suitable area to decompress. Generally, The Outpost Bar on the mezzanine level provides a reprieve from the crowds in the auditorium. The music is lowered once the performance commences, and there is a TV set up that broadcasts the stage.


Need anything else? Our team is always eager to assist. Please contact us at with any additional needs or speak to our venue team upon arrival to let us know how we can help.