Boy & Bear – Suck On Light

Mon 16 Dec

Australia’s Boy & Bear released their fourth studio album Suck On Light in October this year, after a four year break since their previous release.

The band had been treading water while singer and primary songwriter Dave Hosking got on top of his diagnosis of Chronic Dysbiosis, a condition affecting the gut’s microbiome. He has recovered thanks to a curious treatment, and the lyrics of Suck On Light reflect this journey from ill health. Earworm ‘Telescope’ says this perhaps the most explicitly – “Oh it’s inspired – what a struggle can do.”

And Suck On Light is inspired. Hosking’s voice is deep without excess gravel. The band are sounding fantastic, blending percussive piano and strings with traditional rock. The result is poppy, compelling and catches you slowly. This album proves Boy & Bear to be one of Australia’s most professional and talented bands, and we are so thrilled to have amazing new music from them.