RocKwiz LIVE!

Never Mind The Buzzers, We’re RocKwiz LIVE !

  • All ages
  • Just announced
  • Licensed
  • Sat09 Nov
  • Sold Out09 Nov

Never Mind the Buzzers, Here’s RocKwiz LIVE! The RocKwiz gang are back on the road, coming to a theatre near you. Julia, Brian, Dugald and the RocKwiz OrKestra will be revelling in the chaos and quizzery of RocKwiz LIVE. 

If you’ve seen a RocKwiz LIVE show you know what we mean. If you haven’t, buckle up for a fantastic night of musical and comedic treats. 

Every show begins with Brian’s contestant selection process, with audience members demonstrating their rock knowledge. Contestants with the highest scores sit alongside guest musicians for a magical night of music and trivia. 

Don’t miss this fabulous night!