The Rolling Stones Revue

‘Exile on Main St.’ – Celebrating 50 Year of the Stones Classic

  • 18+
  • Just announced
  • Licensed
  • Sat03 Sep
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Red and brown poster for Rolling Stones Revue at The Fortitude Music Hall
Hot off the back of sold out shows and rave reviews from The Stones’ Sticky Fingers shows, The Rolling Stones Revue presents Exile on Main St. starring, Adalita, Tex Perkins & Tim Rogers. This full-blown musical show, proudly presented Empire Touring, is set to raise the roof once more.
The 1972 classic, Exile on Main St., was given a remaster and a deluxe reissue in May 2010. It is regarded as one of the greatest albums in rock ‘n’ roll history and one of the most defining of the Stones’ catalogue. It innovatively wove varying musical genres, instruments and even artists into a compelling rhythmic masterpiece.
Leading the The Rolling Stones Revue band is guitar virtuoso, Jak Housden (The Whitlams / The Badloves / Tim Minchin), with Ian Peres (Wolfmother, Busby Marou) on bass, Gordon Rhymeister (Glenn Shorrock, Hamilton) on the drums, Rob Woolfe (Ian Moss ) on keys and, James Christowski on guitars.
“I’m so thrilled to once again be joining my good mates to celebrate this incredibly iconic album in its 50th year!! I cannot wait to get my teeth into this one, it’s going to be an amazing show!”
“With the sound of Sticky Fingers still ringing in our ears, my friends have asked me to join them again. This time to climb the mountain that is Exile on Main Street, how can I refuse?”
“Them bloody longhaired Rolled Stones have ruined it for all us good hearted folks with morals and underwear. What can a tender boy do huh? Can’t beat em, gonna join em.
This malarkey happening again. Shadoobie.”