The Cat Empire

w/ Grace Barbe

  • All ages
  • Licensed
  • Sat 19 Oct
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the cat empire

It is rumoured that the reason The Cat Empire headlines major festivals all over the world is because no band is brave enough to take the stage after them.  Such is the power of their live show and world class musicianship, which sees their infectious, genre-embracing anthems sweep audiences into a dancing, singing frenzy of waving arms and smiling faces.

7 albums into to a stellar career, these 6 musicians originally hailing from Melbourne began as a word of mouth secret transported globally by backpackers, fast became an international touring juggernaut with legions of devotees at every stop.  2019 is no exception, with The Cat Empire taking music from their new album Stolen Diamonds along with some crowd favourites, out on the road.

Along for the ride this time are special guests not to be missed, Grace Barbe.

“The Cat Empire’s commitment to live music, showmanship, and their unstoppable energy and generosity as performers makes them a stand out whenever they take the stage”.

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