Pub Choir

  • 18+
  • Just announced
  • Wed29 Jun
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Photo of the crowd at a Pub Choir at The Fortitude Music Hall.

So you think you’re a great singer? Nah, neither do we. But that’s not the point!

Pub Choir is Brisbane’s most low-key music club, here to prove that being dead average at singing should never stop you from having a lovely time. In 90 minutes, experience the magic as an entire crowd of randos is transformed into an electrifying, incredible choir. As seen in the New York Times, Vogue Magazine, Australian Story, or even on a national TV special, “Australia’s Biggest Singalong”, Pub Choir is here to let you know that we are always better when we work together.

Hosted by human sunbeam, Astrid Jorgensen, and accompanied on guitar by mind-reader, Waveney Yasso, this cheery teaching duo will insult and coax you to absolute singing glory. Just bring yourself, and we’ll do the rest.