Big Time Rush

Australian Tour 2024

  • All ages
  • Just announced
  • Licensed
  • Tue08 Oct
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Separately, they’re four individuals. Each one undeniably talented. Each one poised. Each one built to entertain. Together, Big Time Rush — comprised of Kendall Schmidt, Logan Henderson, James Maslow and Carlos PenaVega — becomes something far more.


Yes, when the members of this beloved boy band unite, it’s as if everything else melts away; an unspoken connection instantly ignites. “We can glance at each other and with the smallest look, we’ll understand what’s needed or how great something was or what we need to do next,” says Schmidt, describing such a rare connectivity between the foursome. Adds Henderson, speaking specifically to the magic the members of the acclaimed group creates when they hit the stage for one of their undeniable live performances: “Onstage is a time where we can be almost completely fluid. It does really take you out of whatever’s going on at the moment and you can just be free. It’s a feeling like no other.” This unity, this unique and special ability for musicians to coalesce so naturally with one another, goes a long way in explaining why Big Time Rush was and always has been something that needed to be protected and cherished and treated with the utmost respect. And yet life has away of taking us all on a winding path to the present. To that end, Big Time Rush too have been on a journey to arrive at where they now stand — united, excited and thrilled to move forward in their mission to spread joy, happiness and, of course, superb music, to their longtime legion of fans.

Following a whirlwind multi-year run that culminated with 2013’s 24/Seven LP, Big Time
Rush’s members spent roughly eight years apart, each indulging in his own artistic muse. Then, in 2020, together they made the bold decision to reunite. It started with an exquisite acoustic version of “Worldwide.” And judging by the overwhelmingly positive reaction from their fanbase, it became clear there were hordes of people — many of whom had long loved Big Time Rush, and then so many others who were just starting to discover the band — who’d hoped this moment might someday come. Now, after releasing a thrilling new album, Another Life and completion of the Can’t Get Enough Tour in 2023, Big Time Rush have never been more amped about what lies ahead, including a sold-out tour in Europe and the UK this summer.